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“amazing products, amazing people, amazing company. can’t praise them and their products enough”

— Angela

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Sofi  plant

lat.// valeriana officinalis

traditionally used to ease anxiety and tension. helps to promote calm and support natural sleep

our natural, plant-based formulation is comprised of the dried roots of the plant, where the highest concentration of active ingredients lie


sleep quality



Sofi pod with formulation

// sofi is a food supplement that may impact sleep and/or mood, and should never be used as a replacement for proper treatment or medical care

if you have a health condition, or are currently pregnant, breastfeeding, trying to conceive, or taking any prescription medication, speak to a healthcare professional before using sofi

should sofi not see a positive response to our three power plants, we will enroll you without charge in new plant studies until we discover the one for you

we believe there is a plant for everyone,
and this is our promise to you

Sofi formulations capsules

you’ll receive


elegant sofi pod to analyse your experience with each plant


a monthly refill of plant formulation capsules, helping you to improve sleep and enhance calm


free sofi app to journal and unlock new discoveries with plants


access to our online community treehouse; a space to share experiences with likeminded pioneers


an invite to take part in our pioneer studies, with unreleased plants, exclusive rewards, and more!


years of multi-disciplinary experience


scientific publications


patented innovations


PhDs, and MDs



over 9,267 pioneers also joined in search of better sleep. here's what they say about sofi:

“I can’t thank sofi enough as it has become the best part of this terrible year. my sleep has improved so much and that’s all thanks to you. thank you for giving me and everyone else here a better life.”

— Emmanuelle from Reading

“I'm forever grateful for stumbling across sofi, as for over 20 years I’ve not slept more than 2 hours. with sofi, I cant believe the amount of sleep I’m getting, and that in turn means I feel better in my mood and with pain.”

— Rosie from Cheshire

“my journey with sofi has been nothing short of a miracle, from the very first spray of valerian-infused pockets of awesomeness I noticed an immediate difference in my sleep.”

— Chris from Maidstone

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Sofi creature
Sofi creature

what makes sofi different?

with sofi, we skip the health food store marketing gimmicks and instead focus on measuring your personal experience with each plant. discover what works best for you, all from the comfort of your home!

sofi formulations are:


100% natural


vegan + plant based


developed by expert herbalists


crafted with sustainability in mind

results based on your progress

with sofi, we created the first system designed to track and deliver plant-based remedies to help determine which plants are actually working for you - and which aren’t

sleep duration

sleep consistency

sleep quality







after ~10 days of spraying and journaling, sofi will calculate your results based on your unique experience with each of the plants

Sofi application
Sofi application
Sofi creature

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Sofi creature

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